Located in Probolinggo District, East Java, Mt Bromo is one of Indonesia’s iconic tourist destinations and also one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

The natural beauty of Bromo’s landscape and its surrounding area lure thousands of people to the area.

However, there are some safety considerations that you might want to take into mind when you are visiting the site with your family.

First of all, it is not a children-friendly holiday destination. If you are bringing young children, it is not recommended you go as the trip can be pretty rough, long, and often times crowded.

Not only that, but it is still an active volcano with a gaping and massive crater spewing out sulphurous smoke, which can be pretty scary and dangerous for your little ones!

Also, while the trek to the summit is a relatively easy walk, going down the crater is much more difficult as the path becomes steep and slippery.

You can also get caught up inside a sulphurous cloud depending on the direction the wind is traveling.

There are also several restricted areas with signs that forbid tourists from going any closer to certain areas.

Visualize the trip in your mind and while some deem it easy, it is not so easy for some. You may even go as far to say that Mt Bromo is quite dangerous when the weather is bad.

Bring a first aid kit with you if at all possible. A mask is recommended and layers of jackets to protect yourself from the sulphurous odour and the chilly winds is a must.

(An insiders tip: Climb anti-clockwise at the rim of the crater for some seriously spectacular sights.)

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