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Have you ever thought to have such a wonderful holiday in this weekend in Indonesia? If you want to explore the best places in Indonesia and see the best view of nature in Indonesia, you can try to go to mount bromo in the East Java. You can have the extraordinary experience in hiking and seeing some particular exotic cultural in Indonesia over there, and if you are agree in planning to go to hike in mountain bromo, you must need the a homestay to take a rest and as a place to load your stuff while you are exploring mount bromo. Therefore, as the best suggestion for the hotel for you to rest is at Hary's Homestay. The guest house is very fascinating, the place is so comfortable, and the exterior design of the Homestay is totally amazing which will surely amaze you. Then, the view of the guest house is excellent that you can see the all building of East Java from your room.





Harys Homestay Probolinggo
For you who are interested in coming to the place to sleep, you can just directly

come to Jalan Raya Bromo KM5 Triwung Lor, Probolinggo, and East Java. When the time you come to the receptionist, you will be welcomed friendly that will guide you to find the best room types that is suitable with your taste. Aside from that, there is another mesmerizing thing that is offered to you such as having the holiday package for family to Bromo Tour. So the hotel provides you to ease your way of holiday to mountain bromo, no need more worries to take care of the requirements to go to the mountain because the hotel will take care and deal it for you. After that, the benefit by using the service of this guest house that the guest house is located in the center of the city, this matter can be the advantage for you to the best supermarket in the city called Giant Supermarket, and it takes only 2 Kilometers also AlfaMart Only 200 Meters from the Hary's Homestay

Harys Bar & Cafe




Harys Homestay Facilities

In the last part here, we are going to discuss further about the Homestay, if you are wondering about the Harys Homestay facilities, here we go the explanation about the all amusing facilities that make much of people are satisfied with the best service of the Homestay. Relax in the upstairs cafe by enjoying our special menu, and the place is very good to have a relaxation time. Another perfect facility of this hotel that you can use is you can use the service which picks you up from the airport to the homestay by the transportation from the hotel. At last but not least, the hotel is also equipped with the fastest wifi internet that will ease you to access the internet. The place is also close to Alfamart as the minimarket where you can buy anything that you need in 200 meters from the hotel, and the distance to mount bromo is also not really that far that it will take for about 40KM to go there from Harys Homestay Its located on the main road to Bromo.

The Advantage of Choosing Harys Homestay
Holiday is the best time to gather with the other family members to spend the quality time with them, you can utilize the holiday time to go somewhere else which is able to entertain you all such as hiking and camping can be the right way to utilize your holiday time. East Java can be the right place that you can pay for visit in your weekend for having the sport which increases your adrenalin, go to the mount bromo is the answer of all your desire, moreover there is a homestay called Harys that can be your resting place in your holiday time before you go to hike to mount bromo. The homestay is so cozy, you will not ever regret that you will have ever been to sleep over there; you will feel the incomparable Superior or Standart room Class at the homestay, because they provide you 16 superior rooms and Standart 6 Rooms, With a total of 22 rooms we have

The Homestay Facilities of Harys
After decide whether you agree or not to come to his homestay, you must know that in this hotel, they also provide you the tour to mount bromo, this is one of the easiest way that you can find in this hotel, so no need to think and concern about the payment and the other requirement to go to Bromo, the only thing that you have to do is pay in once for all, when the time you have paid for the bromo tour in this hotel, you can just wait till the related parties will take care of it for good. You can also enjoy the free-wifi that has been provided from the hotel in order to satisfy all of their customers. If someday you will come to this place again, you can order Free pickup service to get you from the Train Station or Bus Station Probolinggo to the Harys Homestay

Harys Homestay in Probolinggo East Java
When the time you have known and understood better about the Harys Homestay, now is the time for you to get now the full address on this amazing homestay. If you are interested in spending your holiday in East Java, you can use this homestay as the part of your holiday time in Jalan Raya Bromo KM 5 in the district Triwung Lor of Porbolinggo. When you arrive at the homestay, you will see that there is a Alfamart that to the closer minimarket that is only 200 meters from the homestay, the minimarket called Alfamart. You can also buy some necessity products that you need, or you can also ask to the people from the homestay, they will with help you in buying the product that you want with pleasure, that’s all the friendly characteristic of the people in Harys Homestay.

The Reason To Choose Harys Homestay
Have you ever heard about Harys Homestay? This name is a well-known homestay that is located in East Java, so for you who have a plan to go to East Java and if you are looking for the most comfortable place for sleeping, you can count on this homestay to answer of all your desire. This place is being so highly recommended from one people to others because the enchanting services that they give to the customers who are able to please us all as the customers. Therefore, no need to be doubted and hesitated to go to here, you will be served maximally and you will feel the maximum taste of perfection in being spoiled with the extraordinary services. Aside from that, this homestay also very close to the mount bromo if you do have a plan to go hike this weekend, you can use the service of the homestay which will surely take you to the mount bromo, you can have it all as you want to be treated perfectly here.

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